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KnifeShowOnline: The Future of CollectorKnives

The web platform that CollectorKnives was migrated onto three years ago was the answer to all of our concerns.  It was a great design and the system allowed for great flexibility.  So we made the plunge and dedicate thousands of man hours into moving our store onto that platform.  We didn’t mind the $150/month charge because they really did provide a great service and extensive features.  For three years we have been tuning the store and trying to make it as customer friendly as possible.  And we have been blessed with the outcome.

But, many times you run across folks that think they have you where they want you.  And in this case the platform we had adopted figured out that once customers dedicate so much time to building a business, they will nearly do anything to not have to move again.  Well, it is a great platform, but there were still many things we would like to have different.  So, when they notified us that our fees would be TRIPLING, we quickly made the decision to go elsewhere.  Where to go, and how to handle such a monumental task, was another thing.  We decided that simply creating another parallel site that we could go live with, but in a smaller fashion was the way to go.  This would allow for testing as we went along and the ability to quickly make changes without affecting our core business.

So, we have KnifeShowOnline.  It is a live website.  Everything is for sale just as it appears.  But, for us, it is a testbed for the platform we will eventually be moving CollectorKnives.  So please feel free to shop.  We know the selection is somewhat limited.  But ask that if you see anything you would like done differently, let us know.  We want this new site to be built to your specifications where possible.

Thanks, Mike